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Message from the Board 10-17-2020

By HGH, 10/17/20, 11:00AM EDT


New guidelines at Pilgrim... 


Message sent 10-17-2020

HGH Community,


We wanted to make sure you were aware of the new guidelines at Pilgrim. You can find them here


The most notable change is the no spectator policy for any of our age groups. We know some teams have games at Pilgrim this weekend. We know that it is disappointing to not be able to watch the girls, but it is what we need to do right now. Hopefully it will only be temporary.


Another important change is that now it is required for all forwards (both centers and wings) to wear a face mask or gaiter for all face-offs. Previously, it was only centers. 


We’d like to highlight the CDC’s recommendation that face masks are recommended for close contact sports: It is likely a matter of time before masks are mandated for all positions, so please start thinking about options that are comfortable for your girls if they aren’t already wearing masks on the ice. 

We will get through this. Thank you for your continuted support and for working with us to ensure a long, safe, hockey season for the girls.



HGH Board